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Pictured above are NCWRC biologists (Joe Tomcho and Chris Kelly) mounting the barn owl boxes built by Mountain Wild! volunteers.  We built and donated 30 saw-whet owl nest boxes and 4 barn owl boxes.  The saw boxes will end up on the highest peaks in Southern Appalachia while the barns are going to Big Sandy Mush.  A big thank you to Sunrise Sawmill who were super generous to donate ALL of the lumber for our Saw-whet owl boxes!


Mountain WILD! and our dedicated volunteers making significant improvements to the songbird/hummingbird gardens at the WNC Nature Center.


These areas were adopted by Mountain WILD! as a fitting way to give back and share with the community while furthering our mission of providing “Backyard Wildlife Habitat”.

Please visit the WNC Nature Center to learn more and enjoy the gardens!

Thank you to our enthusiastic, energetic and dedicated volunteers!

Thank you to everyone that joined us for the wonderful presentation by Hartwell Carson with Western NC Alliance!

Hartwell did a fantastic job and participants not only enjoyed learning more about the current state of the French Broad River, but also took part in discussions about improving and caring for our watershed. Thank you to the Western NC Nature Center for hosting the event!


The Stream Monitoring Information Exchange (SMIE) is a collaborative effort of several local non-profits and volunteers that actively monitor the health of local streams. Currently managed by Haywood Waterways Association SMIE conducts biological sampling. By collecting “bugs” we get a good picture of the health of our creeks over time. This provides a more comprehensive picture than chemical monitoring which only gives us a “snapshot” of the creek at the moment the sample is taken. That being said, chemical analysis is important as well and has been performed by other organizations for some time.

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church of Asheville Receives F.A.I.T.H. Certification

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church of Asheville has received the “Fellowship Actions Impacting the Habitat,” or FAITH, certification from the North Carolina Wildlife Federation.

The FAITH program is a non-denominational initiative designed to recognize and certify places of worship that meet certain requirements for wildlife-friendly habitat.

“This program is designed to encourage ongoing stewardship of our wildlife and wild places in urban, suburban, and rural settings,” said Tim Gestwicki, Executive Director of NC Wildlife Federation. “Direct hands-on projects are the key to fostering awareness and appreciation of our native flora and fauna.”